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Autobiographical Essay

Autobiographical Essay

Autobiographical Essay
Autobiographical essays are such in which you are supposed to write about your life story. Basically, there is nothing extraordinary in the process of performing such task, though a lot of students find it difficult and face more and more underwater stones every now and then.

To find a reasonable solution to complications that occur, let’s deepen inside and try to answer major questions that usually arise. Our goal now is to teach you to write an essay correctly and an autobiographical essay in particular.

All you need is…

The easiest way to perform anything correctly is to come to insight as close as it is possible. Most students meanwhile do not even know what they are supposed to do.

Writing autobiographical essays is a task derived to find out your personal information. Thus, you should write a story that completely conveys your lifetime. It should be consistent and chronologically based. Please note that even though you need to express your biography entirely, only most essential events and periods of your life must be pointed.

Generally, you should point the following:

• origin, childhood and background: describe where and when you were born; write a few words about your parents, who they are and so on; point education you have received, what school you have visited, what courses and other activities you have attended to;

• the process of getting older: what your favorites are; what affected you the most; under what kind of influence you have been brought up;

• you present life: what you are now; where you study at; what you everyday activities are;

• you intentions and expectations: who you want to be like; what you future should look like; what you are going to change;

• analyze all of the above: point your strengths and weak sides; describe which features of your character you would like to change, eliminate or achieve.

In order to make a tale more adequate and reasonable professional essay writers when composing an autobiographical essay ask some people for description of their personality. Ask your friends and colleagues to tell what they think about you and sum it up.

A little help

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Essay on English Epic Poetry Writing Assistance

What is an essay on English epic poetry?

Writing about poetry can be considered as one of the most challenging tasks that students face in a literature class. English Epic Poetry is an important subject and many students face certain problems of writing this kind of academic assignment.

Can you write an essay on Epic Poetry that is well-structured and clear without accessory help? If the answer is no, then this article is for you!

How to write effective essay on English Epic Poetry

The task of writing this kind of essay is really demanding and calls for outstanding writing skills and deep knowledge of the field of subject.

  • First and foremost, you should read the text meticulously as many times as you can in order to get the clear view of the work.
  • While reading, choose the most significant and catching sections, paragraphs or phrases.
  • Take notes concerning the chosen parts of the text.
  • Browse through your notes in order to find the most interesting and able to development.
  • When you are writing about definite poem you should take into consideration its genre and its specifications. Does it fit into a specific literary movement?
  • Also it is appropriate to investigate the poem’s rhyme and meter. Is there anything special in the author’s choice in this area?
  • You should study the figures of speech that were used in writing of the poem. Here you can mention: metaphor, simile, metonymy, synecdoche, personification, litotes and irony.
  • It is crucial to find out the cultural context of the work.
  • Take into consideration that the most common format for essay on English Epic Poetry is MLA format. It is necessary to follow the restrictions and specification of this format.
  • The essay is not a brief description of the story’s action. Here you should provide your own point of view concerning the text. Assure yourself that you have the literal meaning of the text when you are going to analyze it.
  • Organize your essay in a logical way. It can be a sound practice to use help provided by custom essay writing service.
  • Bring into notice that you should provide solid pieces of evidence concerning your statements. You have to explain the quotations so that your audience can see them in the way you want them to.

How can we help?

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How to Write Essay Analysis?

What do you know about essay analysis?

Essay analysis, as the name suggests, is a piece of writing that presents a critical assessment of a text, concept, behavior or other entity (in most cases a book, play or movie).

It is a favorite assignment of many teachers because essay analysis calls for critical assessment, clear judgment, thorough attention to the details and keen insight. The main purpose of this kind of writing is to contemplate the chosen subject using a wide range of critical approaches, points of view and your evaluation skills. Well-written essay analysis should look into the subject in an almost scientific way, without demonstrating of your point of view concerning the chosen subject unlike other types of essays.

One way or another, the analysis essay is more than just a summary of the details of a text or situation. It is a thorough and objective analysis of the subject taking into consideration both positive and negative aspects.

Basic points of essay analysis

The distinctive feature of analysis essay papers is that you have to get to the bottom of the subject and only than it is necessary to provide argumentation to support your analysis. Of course, any type of essay analysis can be considered as a challenging and demanding task. Nevertheless, this assignment can become as easy as ABC in case if you follow these basic steps of essay analysis writing:

  • First and foremost you have to choose the subject you want to analyze. It is preferable to choose the literary work you are familiar with. The subject should be interesting to you and your audience that is why you have to spend a lot of time selecting the most appropriate theme for your work.
  • Well-written essay analysis should give the clear notion of the author’s attitude towards the subject.
  • You have to support your argumentation with relevant and significant pieces of evidence. That is why you have to use only reliable resources. In this case you will be able to add scientific significance to your work.
  • Bring into notice that your essay should sound unprejudiced. When your argumentation seems to be biased, that will provoke warped judgment of your audience towards you.
  • Strain every nerve when evaluating relevance and strength of main discussion points of your essay.

Essay analysis tips and warnings

Take into consideration that if you don’t have a thorough understanding of the story or subject, then it will be tough for you to analyze and share your message in a convincing manner.

  • The introduction is essential for your essays because it should limelight the audience. Here it is necessary to provide all appropriate background information concerning the subject and place a brief summary of the work being analyzed.
  • Write the thesis statement for your work and assure yourself that each paragraph of your essay supports the thesis.
  • The conclusion of the essay should state the findings of the analysis and presuppose the value of these findings.
  • Bring into notice that analysis essay should not include biographical information about the author unless it is closely connected to the work.

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A Guide for Writing Great College Essays

The essentials of college essay writing.

How to write great college essays? This question is really important for each and every college student because writing essays is a common academic task and everyone is expected to handle this assignment. College tutors prefer to allot this task because writing a college essay develops writing, evaluating and presentation skills as well as the imagination of a student. Also with help of this assignment you will be able to improve your ability to collect and analyze the information necessary for the research. Writing a college essay can become a rock on which a lot of students split. High schools do not always prepare students with appropriate skills required for the accomplishing of this task. But do not cry before you hurt. This article provides list of qualities of great college essays.

How to write great college essay?

You have to organize the writing process properly in order to improve qualities of your great college essay. Well-written college essay includes compelling argumentation and appropriate pieces of evidence for this argumentation. The main purpose of writing a college essay is presenting an argument and communication with the audience. Thus your essay should include necessary qualities of great college essay. In order to hit the spot of this assignment you have to make yourself aware of the essentials of college essay writing.

  • Get acquainted with the requirements of your assignment. If you have any questions ask your tutor for clarification.
  • The topic for great essay should be appropriate for the assignment. You have to stand out from the crowd and write something original. The topic should interest you much, be catchy and relevant. Take into consideration that it is preferable to choose the topic you are familiar with.
  • Collect all appropriate information concerning the chosen topic. Take into consideration that you should use only relevant and solid resources for your essay.
  • Bring into notice that good organization is essential for great college essays. Establish logical structure for your essay. In order to write great essay for you it is necessary to create an outline for your work. Well-structured outline will give you a possibility to frame your college essay properly, in a clear and logical manner.
  • The thesis statement for your essay should be strong and clear. This section should be very convincing because here you should provide the most significant reasons for developing this issue and give arguments that you can manage it.
  • Essay format is essential for your work. You have to select the most appropriate format and stick to it.
  • Jot down the scratch paper for your essay. Proofread it and correct all mistakes. It could be a sound practice to trust highly-qualified writers to write your essay for you.

Writing a college essay assistance

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